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Roofer Near Me – Costly Dangers of a Mossy Roof

Moss typically appears in the spring, especially when rain becomes heavier. It’s a beautiful feature for numerous things, like vintage fences and barns stumps from trees and riverbanks. In terms of roofing the moss-covered roof is not very appealing or suitable for proper roofing performance and durability. Learn more about the types of costly issues the growth of moss can cause to commercial and residential roofs.


What’s Your Lot Like?


If your house or other structure is situated in a shaded area that doesn’t get lots of sun the roof could be susceptible to growing moss. Moss is a problem when wet and cold meet. For properties that are situated in this type of climate rain, as well as other types of precipitation may modify to moss growth within the shortest amount of time. It may also school to algae, mold and scum growth. There are a myriad of issues that come with the growth of moss on roofs. All of them are easily avoided by regular inspections, clean-ups, and small repairs.


Curb Appeal


Have you seen roofs that have huge green or gray patches on their surfaces? It’s a result of the accumulation of moss that results due to poor roof maintenance. It’s not just ugly but it also decreases the curb appeal of your home. This could affect your relationship with the city or your local home owners associations (HOA). It could also affect your ability to sell a home on the market for real estate.




Mold, mildew, moss algae, scum and other mucky scums can all decrease a roofing’s longevity. Asphalt roofing systems are designed to last 20-30 years, or longer, but when you let moss cover your roof, it could decrease its lifespan by 30percent.. Why? because moss can cause a number of structural issues in roofing systems.


Water Leaks


Moss creates tiny fibers, referred to as, “rhizomes”, which penetrate into the roof’s surface. The rhizomes loosen important granules which are created to guard the shingles from cracking, warping or drying up. In addition, moss could absorb up to 20 times its weight in water. It holds large amounts of water that is sitting on your roof ready to harm the roofing shingles, the underlayment, and the roof structure in its entirety. The result is damp attic insulation, ceilings that are soaked, and even significant internal water leaks.


Homeowners’ Insurance


What might make moss issues more difficult? Your homeowner’s insurance policy might not be able to pay for the damages. It is a common procedure for insurance companies that insure homeowners to regularly visit and check the condition of the house they insure. It is also a common practice when refinancing. However, if the roof is dirty your homeowner’s insurance provider may demand to have it cleaned. Sometimes, they will cancel an insurance policy entirely, especially in the event that a written notice is not taken seriously.


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