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The Difference Between Exterior and Interior Painting

Have you ever wondered why interior and exterior paints are different? Or are there the same basic properties? Well, consider it this way! Each pigment has a specific property and is designed to work for multiple purposes. Undoubtedly, exterior paint features a combat design that works against mildew, while the interior paint is stain-resistant and ensures cleaning. Let’s get down to the details!

Basic properties of paints

Are you familiar with elemental properties, or do you know all paints constitute solvents, resins, pigments? The solvent is primarily responsible for making the paint wet, and when it dries up, the solvent evaporates. As a result, the lasting items are additives, resins, and pigments. Let us make it simpler! This lasting color is the pigment, and it attaches to the surface by wax built with silicone, epoxy, and other materials.
Additives feature multiple paint characteristics like easy application, effortless cleaning, and resistance against mildew. That’s used explicitly in exterior paints.
However, a few pigments and ingredients are the same in both paints, but there is a big difference. In indoor, oil-based paints are not mainly used, but water-based paints are more considerable. Whatever service you want to get regarding home painting, contact Dalco Contractors & Roofing to get the best services.

Interior paint

Let’s dive in to know a bit more about interior paints. Interior paints are highly stain-resistant and effortless to clean without getting damaged. Moreover, it is breathable and constitutes safe chemicals for optimal functioning. And you know what? Interior paints are particular to cover the home inside, and it doesn’t ensure sufficient durability compared to exterior colors. Despite being waterproof, it can also withstand washing and scrubbing, but it won’t bear sudden weather.
What’s the benefit? Interior paints are for indoor use, so they don’t contain harmful chemicals, and that’s a significant advantage for people’s health. To avoid sudden health issues, these paints constitute organic pigments to induce colors. During day sunlight, these pigments can fade away quickly, and these are prone to cracking.

Exterior paint

Are exterior paints the same? Well, exterior colors are made by keeping the house exterior in mind. Basically, it is highly resistant to mildew, fading, cracking, and much more. It integrates more durable and additional additives along with resins ensuring that the paint doesn’t break away.
Generally, this paint is designed to last for extended times and prevent mildew and mold from entering the home, resulting in respiratory problems if people inhale. Do you know how sunlight affects paint? But exterior colors are built-in with premium quality to withstand hard sunlight for years. It works best against the structure of your home, no doubt.

The Bottom Line

Whenever you desire to begin any painting project, it is crucial to know the differences between interior and exterior paints. Our company has trained professionals who offer high-grade paint services, letting you know which color suits your home the most. Consult us to enjoy the best outcomes.

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