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Dallas Roofers – Top 8 Causes for Roof Leaks

If your roof has begun to leak and it’s not a pleasant feeling. If you’re a proud owner you’re concerned about the structure of your house and are terrified of a major fix. Fortunately, a roof that is leaky isn’t always a catastrophe. Sometimes, they can be an easy fix. When you employ a roofing professional to address every roof leak issue that you may have.

To avoid any future leaks, it’s essential to know what triggers leaks in the first place. This information can aid you in improving your skills as a homeowner with hands-on experience by providing you with information on the proper maintenance that is preventative. Read on to discover these causes!

1. Attic Condensation



Often, the leak on your roof appears to be an issue in the roof, but in reality, it’s an issue with the attic. Incorrect attic ventilation could cause excessive moisture in the air that comes from the floor below to accumulate inside the attic. This can check to the increase in moisture which seeps into your walls and ceilings.

2. Broken Shingles



Cracked or broken shingles are another frequent cause of roof leaks. It is crucial to repair damaged or damaged shingles immediately!

3. Clogged Gutters



When gutters become blocked, they can’t fulfil their primary role of redirecting water away from roofs. The blocked gutters distinct to the accumulation of water beneath shingles, which can cause leaks in the roof.

4. Cracked Chimneys



Roof leaks are typically caused by broken or cracked chimneys. If mortar and bricks around chimneys are not in good condition they can allow the water to enter out of the.

5. Cracked Flashing



The home’s skylights and chimney may be in good working order however, the flashing surrounding them could cause roof leaks if it is cracked or damaged. It is one of the main causes of leaky roofs.

6. Skylights with Defects



Skylights that are not sealed properly or installed, they could alcohol to water getting across the roof. Wearing sealant, broken glass, or an improper installation, ineffective skylights are an essential repair that should be done promptly.

7. Fractured Vent Booting



Any kind crack or fracture within an roof system could cause roof leaks Vent booting and leaks are not any different. No matter if your roof has gas vent or stack line, there’s a boot at the base that prevents water infiltration. If this is not done it is possible for leaks to occur.

8. Ice Dams



During the winter, when snow and ice are at their peak dams of ice may be formed on roofs. If snow melts, it flows down a roof, lands near the edge and then re-freezes in this manner, it’s described as the ice dam.


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