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The Ultimate Guide Commercial Roofing Types

Before taking you into the commercial roofing types, it’s somehow crucial to know why roofing is necessary for commercial buildings. On the contrary, commercial and residential roofing features the same function to protect your property. But wait! Make no mistake about it; they are pretty different regarding types and materials used. Here’s the detail to all your queries!

Types of Commercial Roofing’s

Typically, commercial roofing features multi-material construction from PVC, green roofing, modified bitumen, and more to let you choose one that’s perfect for your property. For best services, you can hire Residential & Commercial Roofing | Dalco Contractors & Roofing ( as they are offering high-grade options with trained professionals to ensure positive outcomes.

PVC Roof Membrane

Roofs with polyvinyl chloride are undoubtedly crucial for second-generation buildings as these roofs are highly lightweight. Can this really be true? Moreover, such roofs are entirely resistant to bacterial growth, UV rays, and other punctures. So why not choosing this one to get a highly reflective roof? This is undoubtedly ideal if you plan to construct a hotel or restaurant and even any business building.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofing

These roofing methods are expected on low slopes, including reinforced roof sheets that are fully reflective with welded seams for optimal performance. And guess what? It is available in many vibrant colors; you can help our professionals to choose the right one.

Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

Have you heard of modified bitumen before? Probably not; let’s take you deep into it. Surprisingly enough, this roofing system is a blend containing a proficient chemical polymer and asphalt for better temperature resistance and high-grade flexibility.
Most importantly, it applies in multiple layers and many ways during different temperatures making it a suitable option for four-season installation.

Metal Roofs

The most exclusive of all, metal roofing is excellently known for durability and aesthetics, no doubt. Many commercial builders prefer metal roofs because of their uniqueness and longevity to use on steep and low-slopes. Therefore, we are providing metal roof services to aid you in taking advantage of a longer lifespan compared to another roof.

Roof Coating Systems

What this adhered coating comes with? It offers a fluid-applied membrane that’s embraced to stretch or to return to normal. Multiple types are available, but the most evident ones are silicone and acrylic used in metal roofs. They are well-known for keeping buildings cool and protect them against unreliable leaks while cutting energy consumption to half.

Green Roofing

Believe it or not, green roofing has had an excellent reputation in recent years and is a highly convenient option for many commercial properties. Despite increasing the efficiency, these methods can also manage the draining issues. Quite simply, this roofing system is environmental-friendly and looks aesthetic, enhancing the overall building’s appeal.

The Bottom Line

Are you familiar with commercial roofing methods? Or which type of roofing will suit you the best? Don’t worry; we have made it easier with our ultimate guide about commercial roofing types. Have a great reading!

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