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Residential Roofing Services in
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Whether from normal wear and tear or from storm damage, all roofs will need some measure of roof repair over time. Maintaining your roof and performing routine and emergency roof repairs protects your home and family and maintains (and even increases) the value of your home. Here at Dalco Contractors & Roofing, we have built a solid foundation and trust among our homeowners by providing high-quality roof repairs / replacements and providing exceptional customer service.

Why should you hire us to for your residential roofing project? Consider the following reasons:

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Roof Repair

If you haven’t had your roof inspection recently, Dalco Contractors & Roofing is here to help. Roof maintenance or repair are a cost-effective way of ensuring that your home – and your family – stay safe. A roof repair can bring a roof up to manufacturer specifications, building code, and insurance standards. Speak with a roof specialist to analyze your roof’s repair needs.

Roof Replacement

A roof replacement can be a daunting task for any homeowner, which is why the expert contractors at Dalco Roofing will do their best to make the process as easy as possible. Our roof replacement services will provide your home with a beautiful and strong roof that will last for years to come. Our excellent variety of roofing materials allow us to handle any sized project.

Our available roofing materials include:

Storm Damage Roof Repair
In Richardson Texas

Roof storm damage is the number one problem facing homeowners. Unfortunately, a storm damaged roof can turn into a much bigger problem if it’s not taken care of immediately. The experienced team at Dalco Contractors & Roofing knows exactly what needs to be done to repair roof storm damage. Our professionals have all the skills and tools necessary to patch up or completely replace a storm damaged roof when bad weather rears its ugly head. Homeowners are often surprised to learn that even a bout of high winds or heavy rains can wreak havoc on a home. Left unfixed, storm damaged roofing can get much worse through deterioration, the spreading of cracks, and routine aging. 

Dalco Contractors & Roofing knows how to diagnose roofing problems and take care of all types of damage before it spreads and leads to more complicated problems. A storm damaged roof is not to be ignored—doing so will only mount to higher costs later.

Common Storm Damage that Requires Roof Repairs

Storm damage caused by hail is a serious threat to your roof. Hail damage causes small indentations and holes in your roof’s shingles. Once a roof has been damaged by hail, it is not repairable, and there is no such thing as “a little hail damage.”

Assessing storm damage caused by wind is not always cut and dry. Residential asphalt shingles are designed to self-seal by way of a tar strip adhering to a match point on each shingle. During a windstorm this tar strip can unseal, and the shingle can lift. A lifted shingle alone is not considered damaged.

However, if wind-blown debris attaches to the tar strip during the storm and prevents the shingle from re-sealing, then the shingle is damaged beyond repair. The best way to tell the difference is to get a free roof inspection.

Flying debris is typically a tree branch or similar object which falls, impacts your roof, and causes damage. Assuming your roof is fine after a storm simply because it APPEARS to be intact is a mistake. Most storm damage is not visible from the ground or to the untrained eye. Get a roof assessment to be sure!

Dalco Contractors & Roofing will provide a free roof inspection to determine if your roof is still working properly and fully protecting your home.

However, if wind-blown debris attaches to the tar strip during the storm and prevents the shingle from re-sealing, then the shingle is damaged beyond repair. The best way to tell the difference is to get a free roof inspection.

Storm Damage Information

Checklist For Storm Damage

Filing An Insurance Claim

When filing a storm damage roof insurance claim, remember to always protect yourself.


Your interests and your insurance company’s interests are not the same. They want to control costs. You want – and deserve – every penny you need to get your roof back to where it should be.

Dalco Contractors & Roofing can guide you through the steps of filing a claim, including the most important – a damage inspection.

We carefully verify and document the storm damage with our attention to detail. We’ll provide you with the steps to make sure your claims process goes as smoothly as possible.

If you even suspect you may have suffered roof storm damage, let’s get the process started with a free roof assessment.

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